Planning A Baby Shower

To say that I am beyond excited to be an Aunt for the first time and a Godmother for the second time would be an understatement. My sister and her husband live in Florida and I in New York, therefore seeing them does not happen very often. When I learned she was coming home for her baby shower. I felt very honored and blessed to host a baby shower for my sister and brother in law, who are expecting their first child—a girl, due to arrive March 26, 2016.

When I first started to plan for the shower my sister said “keep it simple, you don’t have to fuss over me.” It was no fuss, really. And I had the best time doing it all. The shower was the 17th of January, I started planning the day after Christmas, so there was not a lot of time. Before we even had a theme we sent out simple invitations which were purchased at Party City.

After living in Florida for ten years my sister and her husband have fallen in love with the Nautical theme. Anything involving Fishing, Sailing, the beach or the ocean sets right with them. Now trying to find Nautical objects (Starfish, Sand Dollars, sailboats, anchors) in the middle of January in New York…Not an easy thing to do…But I was surprised at how well I made it all work.


I started with a Pinterest board…and my Baby Shower Board quickly became my best friend but pinning a hundred pins of arts & crafts, game planning, prizes, décor, etc. is very different than actually taking the time out to do the crafts, work out the games, set it all up and play it all out. It took a lot of trips to Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, AC Moore, Walmart, Marshalls and Target. As well as help from Dazzling Expressions on Etsy for the Custom Favor Bags I had made up and Mia Sophias on Amazon for the Center Piece Card Stock sticks.


I only shared one idea with my sister and that was with the centerpieces. I wanted to make sure she liked them before I ordered them. She was on board. The rest of it, I made all the executive decisions. And it was a great surprise when she walked into the room. Watching her eyes light up at each station was a priceless and well worth the work reaction. It was everything she could have dreamed of, wanted, and more. My sister, my brother in law, and all of our guests & staff could not stop talking about the décor and I was very pleased with the reactions.

The venue was at Borio’s Restaurant overlooking Oneida Lake, even when it is half frozen it is a beautiful location. Borio’s is my home away from home. I’ve worked there for years, and it’s been part of my family for four generations. It is a perfect setting for a Nautical themed shower. We had the Shore Room, which is the larger room but there was no other events going on that day and even with the room being so large I made sure to utilize it properly. There was only twenty four people and three children. A small group of family & friends, and three mommy’s to be (my sister included). As her two long time friends are pregnant and due in the next few months!


Originally the colors set out to be Pink & Navy but as I was working on my crafts I realized that Pink with a Sea Foam Green looked much better. These colors worked much better for a Girl. Had it been a boy I would have stuck with the Navy. The centerpieces were Pink and Navy (I ordered them before I changed the colors) but they still fit right in without fail. They did not look out of place at all.


All the guests at the shower kept telling me I should be in the party planning business full time. There’s a boost to my ego. I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything but the shower did look pretty amazing…(Okay, just a quick one…TOOT! TOOT!) As a banquet server I work weddings and baby showers and birthday parties and everything in between every single day, and it’s busy work. So I don’t have the time right now, but definitely something to think about for the future. I will possibly be planning a couple birthday parties in the future, as my cousin was so impressed with the shower. She asked me to decorate for her son and daughters’ birthday parties…Yay!


Since my sister lives in Florida most of her gifts were shipped directly to her house. She got many cards and only 3-4 gifts that were actually brought to the shower. Without having the hour to hour and a half of opening presents I wanted to make sure the guests were not bored so we had a variety of fun baby games, prizes for the games, prizes for the kids and prizes for everyone in general (I’ll explain that in the blog featuring Games).

I originally did not intend on doing a Candy Table, but I saw so many good ideas on Pinterest I could not resist. It was very easy to find the Pink & Sea Foam Green candy with Valentine’s Day around the corner. I found it mostly in bulk at Wegmans and Party City. We ordered cupcakes from a family friend Tammy who owns and operates Flourgirl Bakeshop of Syracuse and does beautiful work, but no event would be complete without Nonna’s famous homemade pizzelles.


View next blog for DIY Diaper Cakes


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