Sweet Pink Lemonade


Borio’s offered a Soft Beverage package which includes Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Sprite, Cranberry & Orange Juice and Iced Tea and Lemonade. We also ordered Mimosas and Non Alcoholic Bloody Mary’s. I opted out of the Iced Tea and Lemonade when I saw a very cute idea on Pinterest. 

What could be more fitting for a baby girl shower than 
Sweet Pink Lemonade? 

What You’ll Need~

  • Glass Jug (Purchased at Walmart)
  • Ribbon & Tool (Purchased at Walmart)
  • Anchor Glass (Purchased at Target)
  • Sailboat (Purchased at Target)
              The sailboat was originally turquoise, I just painted it pink.
  • Stand (Purchased at Target)
  • Straws (Purchased at Target)
  • Three Bottles of Minute Maid Pink Lemonade (Purchased at Wegmans)



2 thoughts on “Sweet Pink Lemonade”

    1. Yeah this was one of my favorite stations and I basically put it together the night before…I had thought about doing it and then I wasn’t going to and at the last second I’m like “no I have to do this”


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