Hi everyone!!!

I’m still in the process of doing my baby shower DIY details but I wanted to take a break and talk about Nutrisystem which is a weight loss program I’ve just started. For someone desperately trying to lose weight I’ve done every weight loss trick in the book. The good thing about Nutrisystem is its pre calorie counted, pre portioned, and affordable. There are no meetings or weekly weigh ins. Normally when I’m grocery shopping I spend $180 bucks for just one week. Right now I’m buying the food in jump start and kick start programs at Walmart for 30 bucks but I intend on ordering the full program with auto delivery once summer gets here… You can also buy shakes, individual lunches, breakfast, dinners and snacks at Walmart and sometimes also Ollie’s if you have one.

A lot of time I have trouble sticking to a program because I often crave chocolate or something sweet. Well with Nutrisystem I can have brownies, cookies, chocolate bars, muffins all Nutrisystem of course. You certainly can’t go buying Dunkin donuts or snickers bars but you still get the general fix of a sweet craving.

As far as meals go you do have to do some grocery shopping but not too much. When you buy the program it comes with a small booklet telling you the exact groceries you will need. For milk, I use an almond protein plus. I love cucumber and tomato salad (since I can eat lettuce), steamed broccoli, spicy zucchini noodles are delicious. You can also buy apples, strawberries, grapes.  You can get edamame, brown rice, sweet potato..I’ve also been doing the 21 day fix so I have containers that allow me to measure out my side food or if I’m going to go off my program for a meal which helps.

I have a lot of weight to lose. I often feel like people don’t like me because of my weight especially guys which is upsetting so I really hope that I can stay dedicated an that this program works for me. Im not just doing it because I want to look good I would also like to be healthy and more comfortable and quite frankly I’ve never seen what I would look like at a healthy weight.

So if you’re trying to lose weight yes I would recommend Nutrisystem! My only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner. I look forward to a healthier me! Stay with me for my progress on my Journey to Live 🙂





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