Nutrisystem Question & Answers?

Since I’ve started this program, and it’s only been a few days (but I have done the program in the past before which had nice results) anyway a lot of people though have asked me many questions or said comments about Nutrisystem. This is what I tell them. 

Question: Doesn’t Nutrisystem limit you, how can you go out to eat when your on that program? 

  1. Your not strictly bound to anything. If you want to eat out…Eat out!
    You’re not on a program like the Biggest Loser or getting weighed in during weekly meetings where you have to feel bad if you gained a couple pounds or go to the gym like crazy in an attempt to work off the 2lbs you might have gained. I would tell you that it’s not recommended to go out every single night or say to yourself, well I’m going to do a Nutrisystem breakfast, a Panera lunch and then grab Taco Bell on the way home from work; because that’s probably not going to be the best for you. But say, you have a family get together, or a date night and you want to go out…Go. Don’t feel like you can’t be a part of anything anymore because your suddenly on a program that your food is already prepared for you. Maybe your having a family celebration at a relatives house, you can always bring your food with you if you know that what they’re eating may not be the best; or bring your own dessert. There’s nothing wrong with that. But with Nutrisystem it doesn’t limit you to only eating their food. Nutrisystem teaches you how to eat, it teaches you portion sizes. It also incorporates outside food into their program so you can learn to measure, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. If you’re nervous about going out to eat, whether with family, friends, colleagues or a date, just make healthy choices, that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with ordering Mahi-Mahi or Tuna Steak (if they’ve got it) with a side of Asparagus; just limit yourself on the butter or sauce. There’s nothing wrong with eating healthy when you go out to dinner. 

    I know what you’re thinking, because I’ve thought the same. “Well everyone at my table ordered pizzas to share” And you probably want a slice. Try to remember why you started your program, what your goals are, and where you want to be?
    That’s what Nutrisystem is, it’s a program for
    YOU. To go at your own pace. No one can judge you, but you. You make the decision. So, if you want a piece of pizza; limit yourself to one slice. Get the salad bar (skip the cheese and the croutons and the mac & potato salad) with lots of veggies and choose your dressing wisely. Skip dessert…You will be so much better off with a Nutrisystem dessert than a dessert at a restaurant. (I work in a restaurant & bakery, I know how many calories, carbs and sugars are loaded into that dessert your ordering). Also, make sure that if you are going out for a meal, make sure to skip that Nutrisystem meal; don’t go out for dinner, and then come home and eat your Nutrisystem dinner as well.


Nutrisystem doesn’t teach you anything about cooking and preparing your own meals. So when you go off the program how will you know what to do? 

  1. For anyone who is going to be on this program long term, that is not something you need to be thinking about right at this moment. The most important things you need to be focusing on, are the meals you are supposed to be eating. Not what you’re going to do when you get off the program. I’m someone who will be on the program for a while so I’m in that boat. But since I’ve been asked, I’ll answer. I’ll tell you what you’re not going to do first, you’re not going to back to your old eating habits of grabbing Wendy’s and Taco Bell 2-3 plus times a week, your not going to grab a dessert at a store every single night, you’re not going to have a bowl of candy every night and a blizzard from DQ 3-4 times a week, you’re not going to be eating every unhealthy thing you can think of now that you’ve lost all this weight because from experience the weight comes back on a hell of a lot quicker than it takes to lose. And you dont want to be the person that loses a bunch of weight, gets off the program and then binges themselves right back on.
    Now, what you can do…and what I would suggest doing, from experience, I already have the containers but after you lose the weight you need to on Nutrisystem.  
    I would suggest going on the 21 day fix. (and it’s not just for 21 days)  I have the 21 day fix, and you can join support groups online from their website, and also from Facebook, and talk with real people. You get the containers you need, shakes, and a booklet that tells you all about the program and foods to buy when your shopping, for each color container. Depending on how much you weigh will tell you how many containers you can have a day. From vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbs, healthy fat, and dressings. It’s very, very easy to follow and easy to grocery shop when you have the pre printed list in your hand.
    Examples of 21 day fix…

    You can make all your meals ahead of time, and you don’t have to measure anything because the containers you have are pre-measured so you just have to be able to fit it into the container and they are a great tool for the long run. 21 day fix is affordable, and you also get an exercise DVD with your program, and I’m telling you when you do the DVDS, Autumn (the woman behind 21 day fix) it’s like she’s talking right to you, pushing you so you don’t give up.
    Now, I’m not trying to jump you from one program to the next and I know you’re thinking, “I don’t want to be on programs for the rest of my life.”  You don’t have to be. But the 21 day fix is a great way to maintain yourself, just for a little while until you get used to being off a program that has had your meals already prepared for you, for 8 months, 10 months, a year, more. This will get you back into the swing of things as far as eating foods that are not pre made for you. There’s no counting or guessing, you buy what’s on the grocery list, fit into your container, and you eat. I think the price is about $60 bucks (dont quote me on that) but I think around $60 and it’s a one time payment…And you get the containers, you get 2 DVDS with I believe (6) 30 minute work outs; with the work outs there is always someone in the group that shows you how to modify each exercise. You get a Shakeology shaker and also all the info packets. Shakeology is a lot better than getting protein powder where you would have to measure stuff out but is a little expensive and you do have to keep re-ordering that; but now that they make the Nutrisystem shakes and sell them at local stores all you would have to do is just go out and buy those shakes which you’ve probably already grown to love.

    But, back to Nutrisystem real quick here…one final point, the question/comment said Nutrisystem doesn’t teach you how to cook or prepare your own meals. If you’re not convinced by everything I’ve said above, then what I can say in the nicest possible way…Is it’s not for everyone, but it does work for a lot of people out there, men & women & me. And that’s what matters. 


Why don’t you just get a gym membership? It’s cheaper. 

  1. Right now, getting a gym membership is not a priority. Will it be, down the line yes. But right now my main focus is FOOD…and to focus on getting my meals down, and eating correctly. You can go to the gym and work out for an hour, but if you don’t have a proper healthy eating habit you can undo all your hard work in just one meal or snack. What I’ve done is gotten a pedometer wrist watch and I make it my goal to try and walk 10,000 steps a day.

    Will I eventually join a gym down the line….Yes
    Am I going to quit my program and just join a gym to save money…No
    Millions of people in the world have a gym membership but how often do they really use them. A small percentage of people are dedicated to using the gym & eating healthy. A large percentage use the gym rarely & eat unhealthy with an occasional streak of healthy eating. I’ll focus on food first…Once I hit the 190s then I will start to incorporate a gym. But if you want to join a gym and use your membership go for it. Nothing is holding you back! 


I’ve seen the food you’re eating, it looks really small. How can that be filling? And it looks gross. 

  1. Yes, the meals are small. It’s kind of a no brainer, but your on a program that is helping you to lose weight. It’s helping you to show portion size. It’s helping you to realize that most everything else is over eating. When you go out to a restaurant, the food is not in portion size. It is filling actually, because almost every meal you’re having cups of vegetables or fruits or salad with it. And if your following the program, you also get smart carbs & power fuels throughout the day. Someone who is not on the program, and looks at your little container of food can easily jump to the wrong conclusion. You can’t judge when you’re not even on the program. To your next comment, looks can be deceiving.
    So let’s go with a little set up here. You and I are having dinner together at home. You ordered take away from a great Italian restaurant, Olive Garden. We decided to have the same thing tonight. You’ve ordered Chicken Alfredo. I’m having Chicken Alfredo from Nutrisystem. You look at my small bowl and say “Ewe, that looks gross and it’s so small. I guess I got the better deal.”
    Your chicken alfredo from Olive Garden has 1,480 calories. 850 calories from fat. 95g of carbs, and 1,480mg of Sodium.
    My chicken alfredo, from Nutrisystem has 240 calories, 50 calories from fat. 28g of carbs, and 600mg of Sodium.
    You’ve eaten your whole bowl, I’ve eaten my whole bowl. We’re both ready for dessert. You ordered dessert from Olive Garden to bring home, I’m taking out my Nutrisystem Chocolate cake. I’m adding fat free whip cream too it. You say “Your dessert has nothing on mine. This is so much better.”
    Your dessert is one of my favorites Black Tie Mousse Cake. It has approx. 759 calories in it. 432 calories from fat, & 73g of carbs.
    My chocolate cake has 140 calories, 35 calories from fat, 21g of carbs.

    So it’s true looks can be deceiving, you may go out to dinner and order a nice meal which looks great and so delicious but most menus aren’t going to tell you how many calories and carbs are in your meal. (While some do, many don’t) so you have no idea that a simple outing can turn into 2 days worth of calories. So who got the better deal again? It may not be a problem for someone who is already at their healthy weight and doesn’t care about putting on a few pounds….But for someone who is desperately trying to lose weight, who cannot afford to put on anymore weight this is why you cannot judge. We are doing what is best for us, not for you. Nutrisystem food is designed for people who want to and need to lose weight, to lose weight but to still be able to enjoy things they are used to. And the looks of my food are deceiving as well, it may not look like much, but I can’t get enough of it. My meal and dessert taste better because I know it’s healthier for me and that’s what makes it so much more enjoyable. You don’t have to like it, I have to like it and I do.

    I’ve learned that a lot of people who don’t use Nutrisystem are quick to judge it. “It’s too expensive”, “It’s the lazy way of dieting”, “Can you say bringing back TV dinners.”, “Why waste the money, you’re just going to gain it back anyway.” “I have a life, and it’s too hard to stay on a meal plan.”

    A lot of people in this world struggle with their weight, many more than others. Everyone has an opinion that they are going to voice whether it’s positive or negative, and every one has even more excuses that they are going to voice. It’s even more common when you’re doing a program and your friends see it or others see it and they make rude comments. Ignore them, you know it’s working for you, don’t let them and their excuses bring you down. They’re not going to bring me down. I know that I can’t afford to go off the program and it has nothing to do with money. I’m at a point in my life where the last time I was healthy I was 13…I’m 27 and I’ve never been heavier. I want to get out there and meet somebody and start a family, but I can’t do it with my weight holding me back. So I am determined to make this work. I am determined to stay strong and enjoy Nutrisystem while I’ve got it. I don’t think it’s a waste, I’m already seeing improvements. I’m sticking to it, and when I get off Nutrisystem I know I’m not going to go back to my old ways because I know how dangerous that can be.I’m going to stick with females in this next point–because females are the ones that typically voice their opinion about their weight, especially healthy females…You dont have a 200lb woman walking around in a store saying “God I feel so fat.” It’s typically young girls, in their teens or early twenties who feel they have to constantly voice “Ugh, I feel fat today.” And usually in front of someone who is heavy, to make themselves feel better. It’s very uncomfortable and a serious blow right toward me. When you are 120-140lbs and you’ve never weighed much more than that in your entire life…You cannot understand what it’s like to be “feel fat”. If you’ve never weighed more than 200lbs, you don’t even know the fear, the hardships, the depression, the struggle that one goes through. You cannot judge and you can’t go walking around saying “Ugh, I’m so obese today!” because you don’t know what Obese is. So if you have nothing good to say about the program that I’m doing or a friend is doing or if you have nothing good to say about any diet program…don’t say anything…Because we don’t need you to bring us down. We’ll make it work for us. I’m gonna make it work for me.




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