So the world didn’t end!

Today was the first day since I’ve been on Nutrisystem where I really had to test my strength and determination for this program. As I said in a previous entry “you are not bound to Nutrisystem food alone, if you want to go out then go but make wise choices.” So after work today there was a gathering at my Nonna’s for dinner. Pizza night!!! Normally on a pizza night I could easily eat three slices plus whatever dessert was…it was cheesecake!!! (YIKES)

Sometimes when I’m on a program I feel like if I don’t get my junk food fix somehow I just won’t make it. Like the world will end, it will turn upside down and I’ll fall right off. My mind purposely works against me when I’m on a program often telling myself to just give up which is why I’m still overweight to this day.

So today was the challenge….Could I set a limit and make a wise choice?

…Here’s how I got on….

I had one piece of broccoli and cheese pizza and I said NO to CHEESECAKE!!! (HAPPY DANCE)


I skipped my Nutrisystem dinner and also my Nutrisystem snack because I did have 1/2 a pizzelle. I was very pleased with how I did. I didn’t feel guilty when I left. I didn’t feel like I had missed out on anything and you know what the world didn’t end because I  didn’t eat a piece of cheesecake…in fact I think my world is just beginning…




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