Nutrisystem Food

944859_624797964327952_5535765158025911605_nThe Turbo Shake is quite thick. The first couple times I made it I didn’t really like it because I could still taste the power; I could taste the water and chunks of ice. So once I started blending it more it began to taste better. 

I love the Nutricrush shakes because there is no prep work to it and it tastes just like chocolate milk. I also love it because the ad says “helps crush hunger” and that’s exactly what it does, every time. 

I love the chocolate frosted donut. Usually I put it in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds. And then I dunk it in just a little bit of Almond Protein Plus Milk. 

Another of my favorite breakfasts is the cinnamon roll. Again I just pop it in the microwave and I’m all set. It’s delicious. 

The Loaded Potato has amazing flavor. It tastes much better than instant potatoes you would make from a box. 

I also love the Three Cheese Chicken. It’s easy prep work; the noodles are never crunchy, so it’s easy to cook properly. And it is tasty and filling. 


Chocolate for lunch? Hell yeah! My all time favorite lunch is the double chocolate caramel bar. I like it much better after popping it in the microwave for about 15-30 seconds. It melts quite a bit, and it tastes amazing!

One of the greatest things is as an Italian I love pasta. When someone tells me okay you can no longer have pasta that’s a huge downer. With Nutrisystem I can have Chicken Parm and Spaghetti, I can have Shells, and Rotini. Now of course, Nutrisystem pasta is nothing like Italian pasta that’s a given but it’s still very good, and I can still enjoy the things I love. 

I love the Turkey dinners with a vegetable. This will be a great substitute to have on a holiday. For example, with Easter coming up. Usually at work we prepare this massive dinner buffet and we don’t serve off our menu. So after a long shift, we always get something off the buffet. Well, instead I can cook this up; and then grab some green beans and carrots from the buffet. I love the turkey and mashed potatoes. 

Ah’ the absolute best dinner of all…The Chicken, bacon ranch pizza. It’s so good. I wish I had ordered more. For my next order I definitely will. It’s true what they say “It takes pizza to a whole new level.” 

Desserts. Being on a diet program when you can have dessert. The Nutrichocolates can be a little dangerous because they are so good, but they are also very small and there is only a few in a package so if you have a chocolate craving it’s easy to over eat these if you order more than one package. I think they are great though. 

Pizza puffs, they taste a lot like cheese balls. A great snack. 

Finally a great ice cream bar for under 100 calories. They should just sell these in the stores. It’s one of the best orange cream bars ever and the same size as one you would buy in the store. 

I also get cupcakes and ice cream. It’s delicious. Of course, you can only have one snack a day but each snack is filling. The cupcakes are awesome, the ice cream sandwich is just like a normal ice cream sandwich and the brownie sundae reminds me of Edy’s double fudge brownie except I don’t have to feel guilty about eating this one. 

Nutrisystem isn’t for everyone. Food critics, people who are picky; people who haven’t yet realized this is a diet program so it’s not going to look or taste exactly like what you find in a restaurant or in the grocery store. Well then the program isn’t for you. You have to be willing to adjust to change and enjoy what you are eating because you know why you need to be eating this type of food for now. 

Nutrisystem is such an easy program to follow as long as you are motivated and dedicated to it. I’ve tried a lot of the food that isn’t posted here and so far hardly anything I don’t like. There have been a few things, but I just learn from it, so next time I will order more of what I do like..Love-love-love the program!





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