DIY Coastal Checkers

So I saw an idea on Pinterest of a Beach Themed Checkers Board. It was available on a website for $115. I obviously wasn’t going to spend that kind of money even though I already knew theirs was a lot better than mine would turn out, as I’m not very familiar with using paint brushes. However I was still going to make my own board. Whether we play the game or not, it’s still a perfect decoration for my new house. 
First things first, you’re going to need a Checkers board. You can get them at any Walmart, Target or Toys R Us, but you”ll end up paying at least $20.00. I checked out Five and Below and I found one for $5.00 but I thought surely I could find one cheaper. The Thrift Shop…Bingo. I had my board for .99 cents. A Family Classics Checkers Board. 


I then went to Walmart and bought Waverly Inspirations Acrylic Paint; I bought White and Pool. I had never heard anything about Chalk Paint, but I figured I would try it anyways and I’m glad I did because not only did it come out great but it dries so quickly that putting on a second coat didn’t take hours. 
Next, I painted the board. It didn’t take too long to paint. Like I said the Chalk Paint worked really well.
2016-04-20 01.15.08
 I’m not quite finished with the board. I am going to use a thinner paint brush to clean up the squares tomorrow.
I used a thick foam paint brush originally.
Then I added the shells, which were originally white; again I just used the Pool Chalk paint. I haven’t decided yet if for the opposite shells (white) I’m going to keep or if I am going to either use star fish or a different shell. I will update once the board it 100% complete. 

2016-04-20 01.32.43

So before you spend $115.00 on a Beach Themed Checkers Board. You can make your own for approximately $10.00