40lbs Down

40lbs Down

It feels so amazing to tell everyone I am down 40lbs. Nutrisystem has changed my life, it has made me see life in a completely different way; and allowed me to do things I never thought possible. It has given me my life back. In just a few short months I’ve already lost 40lbs with no intentions of ever finding it again. Nutrisystem has been so simple and easy to follow. There has been very little temptation to cheat because I can have all my favorites on this plan. Ignore all the other adverts on television that tell you, you will lose such and such weight with their program and join up with Nutrisystem today. You won’t be disappointed!



Sensory Bottle

Glitter Sensory Bottle

I saw a Sensory Bottle on a friend’s Facebook Page for Autism Awareness. I thought it was really cool and so I decided to make one. They are actually really quick and easy to make. 

What You’ll Need~

  • VOSS Bottle
  • Bottle of warm water
  • Blue Glitter Glue
  • Blue Glitter
  • Gorilla Glue

You won’t use all the glitter that you see in this photo, but just take your pick for what you want to use. 

2016-05-18 23.05.02


Wash bottle and remove all labels 

Step I:

Squeeze Blue Glitter Glue into the VOSS bottle; a good amount.

Step II:

Pour the warm water into the bottle.

Step III:

Add Blue Glitter into bottle.

Step IV:

Add Gorilla Glue to the rim of the bottle and to the sides of the bottle. You want to make sure you ALWAYS secure the bottle. The last thing you will want is all the contents in the bottle poured out all over the floor.

Step V:

Screw the cap onto the bottle to secure.

Step VI:

Shake bottle

And voilà~

2016-05-18 23.13.01

These bottles remind me of back in the day when I had a lava lamp. Ah’ the good old days!
They are so quick and easy to put together you can make tons of them; whether for your kids at home, for your classroom, or even for a simple decoration in your house. You can make the bottles in a selection of colors, sizes and materials. These bottles explore sound, sight, colors and themes.

There are so many different options with these bottles, they are limitless. 

             Seasonal Sensory Bottles, Hidden objects, and Glow in the Dark bottles. You can decorate the exterior of the bottle to incorporate your child’s favorite movie or television character. Add Water beads, food coloring, objects that sink, objects that float, rice, and beads; the list could go on forever. Use your imagination and spice up these bottles to make them unique and fun for your child.

2016-05-18 23.19.45