DIY Raised Garden Bed Pt. I

I am so excited to live in a new home with a huge yard with so much potential.

Growing up I lived in a neighborhood where my neighbors had a beautiful garden. I remember jumping on my trampoline and each time I flew into the air my eyes would peek over my shed and there I could see the massive sunflowers shooting out of the ground. Like a yellow sun exploding from each petal. The sound of music dancing in the wind, and cool water spraying onto the garden bringing it all to life. A magical little world where nothing but dirt on the ground turned into a color splash of wonder and imagination. Our neighbor would often bring over a basket of tomatoes so sweet, juicy, mouth-watering; a burst of flavor in every bite. I would crave them with mozzarella cheese or on a perfectly mom made turkey sandwich. I always looked forward to the fall because I knew I could count on the perfectly round orange pumpkin left on my door step with a little note attached *Happy Halloween*. I loved my neighbors garden and I always wanted one of my own.

Now that I have the yard to do it, I intend on bringing back those memories from my childhood that always made me smile. 

So how to build a Raised Garden Bed???

Part I

You could easily buy a kit for approx $100.00…or…you could DIY.

I know sometimes building something yourself can seem pretty intimidating especially when you have little experience. To me, it seemed like a big job but I did research first. I took to my Pinterest board to figure out exactly what I wanted…and what kind of bed I wanted to make; and then I started watching DIY videos on youtube…Of course everyone has their own method of what works best…But I did find one that explained it in very simple steps. The last thing I did before I started was to recruit my dad into helping with the project. 

I know there are probably cheaper ways to make these but I wanted to be sure that I had good lumber that would last for more than one summer. I only have the one raised bed for right now but I might make another. 

After buying all the supplies the total came to $50.00. It sounds like a lot but like I said…I wanted the wood to last. 

Supplies Needed: 

  • 02x8x10 Untreated Wood (2)
  • 002x8x8 Untreated Wood (2)
  • 0002×4 Scrap Wood (Cut into 4 pieces~to the width of the board)
  • 2016-06-05 19.31.10Exterior/Outdoor Grip Rite Screws~ Approximately 20 screws 
    • 2016-06-05 19.31.35Make sure the screws are 2.5″ or longer so that the screw reaches through the board. 
  • 2016-06-05 19.29.59Cordless Drill
  • 2016-06-05 19.30.15Electric Saw

I’m actually really glad my dad helped with this project because I’m pretty sure I would have never been able to work the electric saw or cordless drill on my own. I had read that Lowes would cut your wood for you, but when I was at the store I hadn’t decided whether or not I would want any of my wood cut expect for the 2x4s. And I only ended up cutting the 2x4s.

**Helpful Tips**


  • This is really important not to skip because if you don’t pre~drill your holes then you will have a lot of cracks and splinters in the wood. The advantage to pre~drilling the holes is that the screw will go in easier and like I said the screws won’t crack or split your wood. I had heard that pre~drilling holes took a lot longer because you had to keep changing out the drill bits but dad was an expert and it didn’t take him long at all. 

Cutting the 2×4:

2016-06-05 19.29.21Raised Bed1

  • Make sure you measure the 2×4 so that it matches the width of the board. You will need to cut 4 pieces. The 2x4s are going to give your garden a little extra support. 

Square Corners:

2016-06-05 19.33.18Raised Bed6

  • Line up the boards so that the 2x4s are on the inside of your garden bed. 
  • Line up the corners on your boards, you want to try and get a 90 degree angle on each corner. Start with one and work your way around the box. What you want to do is drill the two pieces of wood together. When you’re drilling the wood you always want to go in the middle to avoid hitting the other screws. 

Helpful Hint: 

  • You may want to avoid doing this project on your grass if you are doing it on your own or if this is your first time doing this sort of project. Try doing it in your driveway or on some sort of level surface. 

2016-06-05 19.33.24

This is an easy and inexpensive DIY project…And it’s only step one! 

The next step involves using my imagination to make a magic square come to life. To create bursts of color. To make the sound of music dance. To hear the soothing sounds of moving water. To create life in every corner. Tomatoes so sweet and juicy, a burst of flavor in each bite. Sunflowers, like a yellow sun exploding from each petal, and a perfectly round orange pumpkin to leave on a neighbors door with a little message reading *Happy Halloween* 



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