DIY Raised Garden Bed Pt. III

Part III

Now that you’ve gotten you raised garden bed built and your soil turned over and your dirt and compost added it’s time for the fun part! 

Planting Your Vegetables~

If you haven’t gotten your vegetables yet then stop what your doing and jump into your car right now and get over to your local farmer’s market to pick out what you want!

There’s still plenty of time to choose a variety of vegetables or fruits. 

2016-06-07 15.10.11

For the Raised Garden Bed we’ve chosen~
Beefsteak Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes and Cucumbers

What You’ll Need~

  • 49144885Gardening Work Gloves
  • P00074_1Garden Kneeling Pad (Especially if you have bad knees)
  • 14767606Gardner’s Lifetime Trowel, Cultivator, and Transplanter
    • I purchased the Fiskars 3 piece Duraframe Garden Tool Set, for $12.00 at Target. 
    • If you don’t want the three piece set, they are sold individually but they are about the same price so you might as well get the better deal. 
    • The two sizes of the shovels are ideal and perfect for my vegetables. They seem to be pretty durable. I’m hoping they last. 
  • 50693787Threshold Garden Ankle Boots
    • I quickly realized that wearing my street sneakers or even my lawn mowing sneakers for working in my garden was going to be a big no-no. So I went to Walmart, Marshalls and Five Below looking for some sort of shoe. I saw clogs and crocks but I didn’t like either. The crocks I knew the dirt would fall into the shoe and the clogs I slipped out of too easily. So I went to Target and found a knee high boot that I considered buying; but in the next aisle I found the ankle boots which were perfect and luckily they had my size. They were purchased for $17.00; very comfortable. I worked in the garden for a couple hours and my feet never once ached. They got wet and water did not seep through. I am very pleased with that. Nothing worse when you buy boots or shoes and the water seeps through and you wind up walking around with wet socks…! So find gardening boots!

Depending on what vegetables you purchase you are going to follow the instructions for the plant. (Cucumbers needed to be on a mound whereas tomatoes did not) Make sure if you are planting cucumbers (Or Zucchini) you give yourself a good amount of space in between each plant. (As you can see in the photo below, the last two horizontal rows only have three plants; those are the cucumbers) 

2016-06-07 15.38.18


 Beefsteak tomatoes (first horizontal row)

2016-06-07 15.38.45

Cherry Tomatoes (second horizontal row)

2016-06-07 15.38.47

Cucumbers (last two horizontal rows) 

The basil has been put in two pots

The remainder of cucumbers and peppers will be put in barrels. 

2016-06-07 15.59.54


Happy Planting!!!






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