Room Set~Up

If your having a baby shower or function in a banquet hall you should make sure that you utilize the space in your room. You don’t want bare tables in your room. You also don’t want the room to be too over~cluttered with decor. Try to find some balance. 

Sign In Table~

This is the table your guests will see when they first arrive. It is closest to the door. On this table there should be some sort of guest book. I decided to do a message in a bottle; the notes are written to the baby; and also to the parents. I decorated the message in a bottle with sand, bath tub nautical toys; and a little poem that tells guests what to do. 

The pink bottle was purchased at Target in the dollar section. I also bought the tan tray and pink tin pails at Target.

The white boards were purchased at Walmart and I used stencils to write out the poem. I also bought the bath toys at Walmart they came in a bundle. 

The Sand was purchased at Party City. Instead of pouring it right into the tray and ruining the tray for future use with sand particles everywhere I purchased a pink bandanna with anchors on it and laid it out flat on the bottom surface of the tray to hold the sand. 

Also on this table, are photo frames of the mommy and daddy to be when they were babies and a poem in the middle called “Who will I be?” and a picture of the sonogram at the bottom. 

Front Table~

The front table is located by the windows~normally when I work showers this is where the guests place their presents but since we had only a few presents this became the table for the diaper cakes to be displayed and the nautical decorations. A few baby books, a few baby clothes that match the theme and a pink stuffed octopus. This is the table that overlooks the entire room.

Game Table~

This table is set up in the middle of the room where all the guests can interact. All your guests are able to see who is presenting the games and where the prizes are located and everyone can be involved instead of being too far away. You also want to decorate this table with a few decorations so it stands out instead of just a few pieces of paper on a table. 

Grand Prize Game Station~


Air Space~

Utilize air space; sometimes people make banners or put up streamers or balloons. I decided to put up a baby clothes line of a few cute outfits I had purchased. 

Cake Table~

A cake table is a no brainer~you should always have a dessert station and this table should be in the front of the room where it is accessible to everyone. Don’t shove it in the back, because you’ll completely forget about it. Since we only had a few gifts we used this table for gifts and cards. 

And then used a tier and platters for our cupcakes and pizzelles


I also decorated this table by purchasing letters at Target and painting them the colors that I used to decorate for the shower spelling out the baby’s name. 

The window sign was also purchased at Target. I painted it and used stencils to write out “It’s A Girl” and added anchors for the spaces. 

The pink and white basket was purchased at Target in the dollar section. 

Beverage Station~


Helpful Hint~

Ribbon and Tulle can be your best friend! 



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