DIY Raised Garden Bed~Critters

DIY Raised Garden Bed~Critters

Ah’ the struggles when you build your garden bed, put in all the time, money and effort only to have your plants eaten the very next day by those pesky ground hogs. Cute but they are thiefs and they will wipe you out quickly. My ground hogs are big boys I see them often and they can sure pack it away. However they are picky eaters. They didn’t eat my peppers, basil or tomatoes though they did enjoy eating my cucumbers so much so that they pulled the plant right out of the ground. 

2016-06-09 15.24.10

So what do I do next…Simple…Build a fence and keep them out. 

What you’ll need~

  • T-Stakes
  • Wire Mesh
  • Aluminum Ties

All you have to do is pound the stakes into the ground around the garden bed; then wrap the wire around the stakes. Once that’s done, use the ties to prop it into place. 

Now, just buy your plants again. 





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