Bringing an abandoned pool back to life.


Bringing an abandoned pool back to life…

Before we even moved into our new house I was excited because from the photos I could see there was a pool. My first hope was that they didn’t take the pool with them. When I found out that the pool was included with the house I was over the moon. I haven’t had a pool since I was a kid. 

When we moved into the house I ran straight for the pool and unfortunately I realized it was going to be a huge job to open up. The pool had been closed but after a long winter the cover had been dragged off it’s hinges into the pool and was holding on by a thread. There was so much water build up, algae and just a swampy feel. The water wasn’t even green it was nearly black. I couldn’t even see the bottom it was so murky.

We considered getting rid of the pool. =(


We called up someone we know who does pools and for $150 bucks he and his buddy took off the pool cover, wrapped it up nicely. And proceeded to take the proper steps to opening up the pool. I watched with excitement as the color of the water began to change.  

We’re not there yet, but we’re getting there. 

The pool needs to filter for a few days, get a good vacuum and then it will be ready for a swim. So excited! =)


Well, even though it was blue it quickly turned green again. And there was a lot of algae build up on the floor of the pool. I was literally vacuuming every single day trying to get the algae up; trying to get the water clear. We bought hth Super 4 in 1 shock treatment; and hth Super Clarifier and that seemed to clear it up; but the algae was still on the floor. I brushed it up several times which caused a lot of murkiness in the water. At one point it was so brown I swear Shrek wouldn’t have wanted to get into that water. 

2016-06-29 16.31.21

I got some advice from some friends on what I could do for my pool and the first suggestion was to take it to Pool and Patio to get the water tested. According to the pool store they told me my water was clear for swimming; there was a few things I could do to get it to absolute perfect levels if I was willing to spend the money. (I didn’t do that) Still, I assured them that there was no way my water was ready for swimming because it was so brown and murky. They told me to drop some chlorine tablets in there and it would clear up. My friend then told me to get a 5 gallon jug of chlorine also, and to dump that in there and it would clear up. So I put one tablet in the skimmer and one in the duck with floats around the pool; these are relatively large tablets. I then added the 5 gallon jug of chlorine; and I also purchased a yellow shock and clear (for the algae); brushed the pool down again and vacuumed it. I also added more shock and more clarifier…I wasn’t expecting much…I thought the pool was just a dud…Until the next morning when I woke up…

To this!

2016-07-01 16.05.51

I gave it one last brush and vacuum and were in good shape for a BBQ on the 4th of July…
And I’ve looked forward to saying this for months

The pool is open and ready for action!



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