Craft Me If You Dare!

Craft Me If You Dare!




I knew even before I moved into my new house that I needed some space for all the arts and crafts that I had literally been hoarding into laundry baskets, drawers, and into tote bins. Nothing was organized; and when I went to look for something I could never find it; therefore I would have to buy new stuff. So when I found out that with our new house I would have a spare bedroom all the ideas started spinning in my head. 
The first thing I needed to do was get organized and I think that this was the hardest part of the entire renovation. Luckily, as I said I was moving so I had reason to go through things, unpack, and put my crafts in their proper place. Crayons with crayons, colored pencils with colored pencils, glue with glue, well you get the picture. As I was unpacking I realized I had so much more stuff than I realized…Colored pencils and crayons by the dozens!
So the next thing I needed to do was get ideas so I hit the Pinterest Boards and after scrolling through tons and tons of boards I finally found the one that stuck out to me the most. It was simple yet everything I wanted in my room. I messaged her immediately so I could get information on where she purchased her shelves and rails. She got back to me right away and led me straight to IKEA. Now, I don’t have an IKEA store anywhere near me but I had been in one a couple times in Florida and was familiar with their merchandise. I was able to go right online and order what I needed for a very affordable price. It was shipped to me within days. 

I’ve never planned out a room before of how I wanted it to look from a single photo and making it actually come to life. It’s not completely finished but it’s really getting there. If it wasn’t for the website I crossed I would have never fallen in love with the room I have now. I love organizing this room, changing things up and switching things around. Finding out what was going to work and what wouldn’t. I love the color blue, anything blue reels me in hook, line and sinker. So in my room you will see a lot of blue, but I tried to do a balance of baby blue and white on one wall and cadet blue and white on the other wall. 

I went to Target and purchased from the dollar section SPRITZ Metal Pails and I love them. I use them for almost everything in my house. (Side Note: They are perfect in the laundry room for spare change.) 
The Starfish bottle is from A.C Moore Arts & Crafts on sale for $1.00


Wall Shelf

I love the blue tote of vintage letters and photo albums from my relatives in Italy.



Wall Decor


Cork Board Decor


Art Decor

My nonna is 87 years old and she absolutely loves the art therapy. She colors dozens of pictures a day and I think its just so sweet when she shows them to me or colors me a few pictures. I had been looking through the booklet one day as we were talking; I didn’t really think she was paying attention when I said I would like for her to color this particular picture for me because I thought it would  look great in my room. Sure enough, she was listening and went out of her way to frame it for me, along with some others; and of course used my favorite color...Blue! (Now I just have to hang them up) 

Budget Breakdown

  • 900IKEA EKBY VALTER Birch Bracket (4)…$20.00 ($5.00 a piece)
  • 9000IKEA EKBY VALTER White Wall Shelf (1)…$14.99 (Short)
  • 908IKEA EKBY Valter White Wall Shelf (1)…$17.99 (Long)
  • IKEA Steel Wire Basket (1)…$8.75
  • ShelfIKEA BYGEL RAIL (3)…$35.25 ($11.75 a piece)
  • IKEA BYGEL S-Hook (1 pack)…$3.99
  • 9088SPRITZ Metal Pails..(8) $8.00 ($1.00 a piece)


I hope you enjoy my craft room and design one too! 
Craft Me If You Dare!




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