Baby Feet & Heart Beats


Baby Feet & Heart Beats

Below are a list of my favorite baby names…Reasons/Meanings, etc. I’m not a mom…yet…I someday hope to be. When my sister became pregnant we started bouncing around baby names…She said she had had never really thought about it and asked me if I had any names that I had thought about…Of course I had…So whether your a mom or not…What are your favorite baby names? What middle names would you use? Why? Would you go classic? Or Celebrity Crazy? Do you prefer vintage names or a more trending name? Comment below I’d love to hear from you. 

My nieces prayer feet

Nicholas *Nico* Giuseppe

  • I always knew even before he passed away that if I ever had a boy I would name him after my grandpa Nicholas. Nicholas is a popular name in my family. I had my Grandpa Nick, my uncle Nick, my cousin Nick; a Dominic Nicholas and a Logan Nicholas…(It kind of feels like that scene in my Big Fat Greek Wedding where Gus is introducing the members of his family to Ian’s parents… “Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick”) lol; but in all honesty, I love the name Nicholas or Nikolas. My grandfathers middle name was Joseph but I also wanted to incorporate my paternal great grandfathers especially when I saw a photo of him for the first time while visiting my family’s home in Italy…His portrait was hanging on the wall and it was a beautiful portrait of a man that I didn’t even know existed…I remember asking my cousin who is that guy…My cousin laughed and said…That’s your great grandfather Giuseppe (Joseph) 

Janelle Rosalie 

  • I don’t remember how I fell in love with the name Janelle. It’s always been in my head as if I felt like she was already a part of me.
  • Rosalie came to me when I was talking to my grandma about our family history. I learned that my grandmas sister (who passed away as an infant) was called Rosella. And that I also had a great aunt on my grandfathers side called Rose. I felt like I wanted to honor both Rose and Rosella as they are such beautiful names but without picking one or the other I chose one all in it’s own beauty. Rosalie…(Before it became popular with the Twilight Saga) Rosalie is a French Variation of Latin Rosalia. 

GianLuca (Vincenzo/Vito)

  • Not to get all Italian or anything but I have a cousin here in America called Giancarlo and I have a cousin in Italy called GianLuca. I’ve always loved the name Jon, normally the spelling is either Jon or John. Seeing it spelled Gian is different all together and I love that it’s different. As I weighed between Giancarlo and Gianluca. I went with Luca…As the name Luca means Bringer of Light and I find that very spiritual. 
  • Vincenzo or Vito–I remember back in the day some girlfriends and I talked about baby names and the first thing that came to mind was Vincenzo…I didn’t know why I liked it…but over the years it’s always a name I’ve had in the back of my mind. I really love the shortened version of Enzo…And I even played around with Lorenzo as well but Vincenzo (Conqueror) stuck…As for Vito (Full of Life), it is my great grandfathers name and I really like that one as well…

Ostia *Tia* Aurora

  • I fell in love with the name Ostia when I was coming up with a name for a character I was writing as a young girl. I based the name off my family’s home town of Asti…Just adding a few extra syllables. I thought the name was beautiful and a shortened version would be Tia. As I tried to find out the meaning of the name Ostia I was surprised to learn that it was actually a place in Italy…(Ironic) I did some research on Ostia, it’s a beautifully preserved harbor city in Ancient Rome. I tried to find out if anyone was actually named Ostia and I couldn’t find anything but I did find out that it’s a rare name, derived from Italian origins. It means from the ancient city. And it’s pronounced Aastiyah. 
  • As for a middle name, I wanted to do something just as rare as Ostia…I picked out Aurora (Having nothing to do with the Disney Princess) Aurora is a Latin Baby name, she was the mythical Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned to morning dew...How beautiful is that? 

Other names:

  • Cadyn Logan
  • Tristan Levi
  • Anthony Dominic
  • Isabella Alexia/Sofia
  • Joshua Benjamin


Every face has a name. And every name has a story…

What’s yours? 





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