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Pink Navy

Those are the colors I started with originally
Apple Barrel Gloss Acrylic Paint, 20z
Paradise Pink (21957E) & Real Navy (20353E)
So I went to Marshall’s and I purchased an anchor and an oar. They were originally a baby blue so I had to paint them. But after painting I realized the Paradise pink was too dark and the Navy though Nautical wasn’t exactly fitting for the baby theme. So I was browsing through Pinterest and I saw some photos of the turquoise ocean and BAM I had a new color. 


Pink & SeaFoam Green

I was in Walmart when I saw a Pink Parfait (#20251E) which is much lighter and Acapulco (#21972E) which is a beautiful shade of Sea Foam Green and it worked so much better. 

And I used it on pretty much everything. It brightened up the room so much.