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DIY Event Chalk Boards

DIY Event Chalk Boards

If you’ve ever hosted a birthday party, anniversary, or shower you may have noticed that a lot of people have a Chalkboard that says something about the person that the party is for. They are fun, easy to make and super cute. 

You can always purchase one on ETSY and have someone custom make it for you but trust me half the fun in having these are making them yourself. Finding the right embellishments you want, the different fonts, and deciding what you want to stay. 

The first one I made was for my niece’s first birthday party and I searched hundreds of templates but I just couldn’t find one that would have everything I wanted to include. That’s when I figured I would just give my hand at Arts & Crafts a go. 

I’m not very good when it comes to drawing, but what I did was look up pictures & fonts online and then try my best to free hand it on a piece of paper several times before I drew the real thing. Some of the smaller pictures I was able to print via my computer and then trace onto the board; and I even went outside the box by finding a gift bag or card at the store related to my theme and using that to trace onto the board. 

It took quite a long time to complete but I had so much fun making the board and it was worth it. Everyone was really pleased with how it came out, and I ended up sending it to my sister and brother in law; they had it framed. 

The possibilities with these kinds of boards are endless!


So first things first…

What You’ll Need:

  1. Black Foam Board (either a small one or a tri-fold) 

  2. Metallic Markers

  3. Ruler

  4. Pencil or Colored Pencil

  5. Pictures & Fonts

  6. Stickers 


  • Use a sheet of computer paper and make rough drafts of how you want your project to look before you go straight for the board. You won’t get it right on the first try. 

  • When you are ready to do your board, either free hand or trace in your photos first with pencil. Then go over them with colored pencil; lightly, before you use your Metallic Marker. 

  • Then start with your fonts and work your way from top to bottom.

  • If your going to be making sections on your board; do that FIRST.

  • Take your time.  

I just made another one for my cousin’s baby shower; I’ll be making two for the shower but the bigger one is not finished yet…Have a look…



Baby Feet & Heart Beats


Baby Feet & Heart Beats

Below are a list of my favorite baby names…Reasons/Meanings, etc. I’m not a mom…yet…I someday hope to be. When my sister became pregnant we started bouncing around baby names…She said she had had never really thought about it and asked me if I had any names that I had thought about…Of course I had…So whether your a mom or not…What are your favorite baby names? What middle names would you use? Why? Would you go classic? Or Celebrity Crazy? Do you prefer vintage names or a more trending name? Comment below I’d love to hear from you. 

My nieces prayer feet

Nicholas *Nico* Giuseppe

  • I always knew even before he passed away that if I ever had a boy I would name him after my grandpa Nicholas. Nicholas is a popular name in my family. I had my Grandpa Nick, my uncle Nick, my cousin Nick; a Dominic Nicholas and a Logan Nicholas…(It kind of feels like that scene in my Big Fat Greek Wedding where Gus is introducing the members of his family to Ian’s parents… “Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick”) lol; but in all honesty, I love the name Nicholas or Nikolas. My grandfathers middle name was Joseph but I also wanted to incorporate my paternal great grandfathers especially when I saw a photo of him for the first time while visiting my family’s home in Italy…His portrait was hanging on the wall and it was a beautiful portrait of a man that I didn’t even know existed…I remember asking my cousin who is that guy…My cousin laughed and said…That’s your great grandfather Giuseppe (Joseph) 

Janelle Rosalie 

  • I don’t remember how I fell in love with the name Janelle. It’s always been in my head as if I felt like she was already a part of me.
  • Rosalie came to me when I was talking to my grandma about our family history. I learned that my grandmas sister (who passed away as an infant) was called Rosella. And that I also had a great aunt on my grandfathers side called Rose. I felt like I wanted to honor both Rose and Rosella as they are such beautiful names but without picking one or the other I chose one all in it’s own beauty. Rosalie…(Before it became popular with the Twilight Saga) Rosalie is a French Variation of Latin Rosalia. 

GianLuca (Vincenzo/Vito)

  • Not to get all Italian or anything but I have a cousin here in America called Giancarlo and I have a cousin in Italy called GianLuca. I’ve always loved the name Jon, normally the spelling is either Jon or John. Seeing it spelled Gian is different all together and I love that it’s different. As I weighed between Giancarlo and Gianluca. I went with Luca…As the name Luca means Bringer of Light and I find that very spiritual. 
  • Vincenzo or Vito–I remember back in the day some girlfriends and I talked about baby names and the first thing that came to mind was Vincenzo…I didn’t know why I liked it…but over the years it’s always a name I’ve had in the back of my mind. I really love the shortened version of Enzo…And I even played around with Lorenzo as well but Vincenzo (Conqueror) stuck…As for Vito (Full of Life), it is my great grandfathers name and I really like that one as well…

Ostia *Tia* Aurora

  • I fell in love with the name Ostia when I was coming up with a name for a character I was writing as a young girl. I based the name off my family’s home town of Asti…Just adding a few extra syllables. I thought the name was beautiful and a shortened version would be Tia. As I tried to find out the meaning of the name Ostia I was surprised to learn that it was actually a place in Italy…(Ironic) I did some research on Ostia, it’s a beautifully preserved harbor city in Ancient Rome. I tried to find out if anyone was actually named Ostia and I couldn’t find anything but I did find out that it’s a rare name, derived from Italian origins. It means from the ancient city. And it’s pronounced Aastiyah. 
  • As for a middle name, I wanted to do something just as rare as Ostia…I picked out Aurora (Having nothing to do with the Disney Princess) Aurora is a Latin Baby name, she was the mythical Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned to morning dew...How beautiful is that? 

Other names:

  • Cadyn Logan
  • Tristan Levi
  • Anthony Dominic
  • Isabella Alexia/Sofia
  • Joshua Benjamin


Every face has a name. And every name has a story…

What’s yours? 




What’s Cookin’ in Js Kitchen?

What’s Cookin’ in Js Kitchen?

My family has owned and operated a local restaurant for four generations. I order dinner there nearly every night and as any person who eats at the same place over and over again sometimes one gets bored of chicken, fish, burgers and pasta…I try to eat healthy too so chicken and fish get rather boring. It’s nice to spice things up every now and then which is why I’m so lucky we have a chef there who is imaginative, creative and so nice that he always cooks meals special for me. All I have to say is “can you please make me something”…His response “sure, what do you want”…My response “Surprise me” and I have never once been disappointed by any surprises. His cooking is phenomenal and I always crave his cooking….Below are some of the special dishes he has created for me which are not on our menu. 

Grilled Rosemary Chicken cutlets stuffed with fresh baby spinach and lemon butter sauce. 
Fresh broiled haddock with a steamed broccoli center in a lemon butter sauce
Homemade Sesame Chicken and steamed broccoli
Tuna Steak with Thai Chili Sauce (This item is on the menu, but typically not served in this fashion)
Amazing! Stuffed Bell Pepper topped with melted cheese and marinara sauce


My favorite! Tuna Steak Flatbread (Rare, no seeds) drizzled with balsamic dressing
Creamy Parmesan Chicken with Sun dried tomatoes

J makes some fantastic dishes, but there are other exceptional chefs there as well; check out some of our menu items

Shrimp Scampi~ 8 Jumbo Fantail Shrimp sauteed in lemon butter, wine and garlic on a bed of rice. 
Tuna Steak Selections
Tuna Steak with Asparagus 


Baked Stuffed Haddock
Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Mango and Pineapple Sauce
Surf n’ Turf



Easter Peep Centerpiece

Easter Peep Centerpiece

First, I planned on making this Easter Peep Topiary that I saw on Pinterest…for my nieces’ first birthday  (Easter themed)

Two words for you…


The problem was those things are top heavy so it didn’t matter the kind of base I had, how much hot glue I used to what size styrofoam ball I used I had the same result. 

The other problem was the peeps refused to stay on the toothpicks. 


Since I had several boxes of Peeps I needed to do something with them so I made something much easier and I was pleased with the results and the kiddos loved it.



I feel like there may be an easier way to figuring out Peep Trees and I’ll probably try again. Considering my niece’s birthday falls just a few days before Easter I feel like we’ll have plenty more opportunities. 



DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece

What You’ll Need:

  • Hurricane Vase
  • Decorative Snow
  • Christmas Ornaments (Color of Choice)
  • 6 Pack of Christmas Snowflake Ornaments (Color of Choice)
  • Christmas Pine Cone Ornament (Color of Choice)
  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Five minutes of your time. 

This project is literally so simple and inexpensive and makes a beautiful decoration in your home. Whether it be for a table center piece, a decoration at the base of your tree or as I placed mine in my snow village it will be the perfect addition to your home. 


Step 1

  • Carefully open the bag of decorative snow over your vase. Sometimes these bags have little holes in them or are partially opened and this can be the most frustrating part of your project if you spill it everywhere. You won’t need the whole bag. Just a little will do. If you add the whole bag you will cover your ornaments. 

Step 2:

  • Insert the empty toilet paper roll into the middle of the jar. 

Step 3:

  • Add the ornaments around the outside of the roll to fill up the vase. I alternated the ornaments by shape and texture. 
  • Add your snowflakes in between rows of ornaments. 
  • Place your pine cone ornament in the middle at the top. 

Step 4:

  • Find a place to put your beautifully decorated vase.