Candy Table

Candy Tables


Don’t get me wrong candy tables can be quite expensive but I think they are worth it. First of all, who doesn’t love a good sugar rush? Men, women and children alike will all enjoy going home with a bag full of sweets. Spoil yourself with candy you would never dream of buying or haven’t had since you were a kid. 

When designing your candy table there are so many possibilities. You can design it based on the color choice of your party or the theme or really anyway you want. With your imagination and creativity the possibilities are endless. 

For this candy table I chose to do a Nautical Pink and then each tag represented something Nautical. For example: Rock Candy in Sixlets became Coral & Pearls or Chocolate coins became Sunken Treasure or even Ring Pops and Candy Necklaces became Buried Jewels. For my pink candy buffet it helped a lot with Valentine’s Day around the corner because I was able to find pink candy in bulk. 

You can go to Party City or Candy Warehouse, Sweet Factory or Oriental Trading, etc. online but small reminder, candy gets very expensive, very quickly. If you are on a budget but still want to make a nice candy table I would suggest buying some at Party City and then going to places such as Walmart, Target and Wegmans where you can get it in bulk. Unless you are making a huge candy table for a wedding of 80 plus people then ordering online would be your best bet. 

This candy table was a big hit, the kids couldn’t get enough of it and neither could the ladies at the shower. It was a fantastic added idea. The sweet table was filled with gumballs, candy necklaces, ring pops, rock candy, sixlets, m&ms, chocolates, white chocolate pretzels, gummies, cotton candy and oh so much more. 

I even made a Lollipop tree..

You can put your candies in jars and jugs, on boxes and platters, you can add ribbon and jewels, design words or the letters of the guest of honor’s name, you can add any type of decoration, literally anything goes on a candy table. Also,this does not have to be straight up candy. I’ve also seen people add cupcakes, cake pops, cookies,  popcorn and bottled water. 

I have done numerous parties and I always see awesome candy tables. Normally myself or the guests will set up the tables and keep them replenished. Here are some photos I’ve taken of the candy tables I’ve seen. I think the Rock N’ Roll one was my favorite…

This is the candy table I did for the Nautical Bridal Shower for my sister. 


The best part of doing a candy table is it is completely imaginative. You can make up your own themes, your own colors, your own decor. It’s like walking into the candy room in Willy Wonka, you know the one that we all dreamed about as kids. A candy table as Willy Wonka put it is “Pure Imagination”