DIY Beach Decor Shell Letter

DIY Beach Decor Shell Letter

What You’ll Need~

  • Wood Letter
  • Blue Chalk Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Sea Shells
  • Hot Glue Gun 

I’ve been seeing the shell letters all over Pinterest along the lines of coastal living and though I don’t live coastal in any remote sense I have started a coastal theme in my home. I decided to do one coastal letter; (B~for the initial in my name) but I knew before I even did this project that I didn’t want the letter over loaded with shells like most of the pictures I saw. 

If your making one, you can decorate it however you like. With jewelry, sea glass, sea shells, star fish, pearls, sand dollars etc.

The letters are cheap and you can get them anywhere.  I got mine from Target in the dollar section. I was looking for something that had a ribbon on it so that I could hang it from a hook. It was originally green. Not the right color but it had the ribbon that I was looking for to hang easily so I purchased it.

I’ve had the shells from a previous project, these were the ones left over. I believe I got them at Hobby Lobby for approximately $4.00. The other couple shells are from the beach in Florida. 

I used the blue chalk paint to repaint over the green and to paint some of the shells. Then waited for them to dry. 

I then used hot glue to attach the shells to the letter. Though I probably could have used shell glue if I had some; it might have worked better. 

This is a very simple DIY project and inexpensive. 

2016-06-11 23.15.45

My letter has a lot of open spaces so there is room for additions. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to attach some pearls or smaller shells into the open spaces.





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Pink & Navy?

That’s the colors I started with…
Paradise Pink (#21957E) & Real Navy (#20353E)
This is Apple Barrel Gloss Acrylic Paint, 20z

So I went to Marshall’s and I purchased an Anchor and an Oar. They were originally blue so I had to paint them. And I went with these colors…but the pink seemed too dark and the Navy though Nautical wasn’t exactly babyish. So I switched it up a little. 

Pink Sea Foam Green

I was in Walmart when I saw  a Pink Parfait (#20251E) which is much lighter and Acapulco (#21972E) which is a beautiful shade of Sea Foam Green and it worked so much better. 

And I used it on pretty much everything. It brightened up the room so much.