Easter Peep Centerpiece

Easter Peep Centerpiece

First, I planned on making this Easter Peep Topiary that I saw on Pinterest…for my nieces’ first birthday  (Easter themed)

Two words for you…


The problem was those things are top heavy so it didn’t matter the kind of base I had, how much hot glue I used to what size styrofoam ball I used I had the same result. 

The other problem was the peeps refused to stay on the toothpicks. 


Since I had several boxes of Peeps I needed to do something with them so I made something much easier and I was pleased with the results and the kiddos loved it.



I feel like there may be an easier way to figuring out Peep Trees and I’ll probably try again. Considering my niece’s birthday falls just a few days before Easter I feel like we’ll have plenty more opportunities.