Life is Sweet, Grab a Treat

Candy Buffets

Adding a sweet treat to any occasion is simply difficult to resist. Candy  buffets have gotten increasingly more popular throughout the years. I now see them at nearly every wedding, anniversary, birthday party, bridal and baby shower or any other function that I work. Candy buffets are fun for your adult guests to indulge in treats they’ve not had since they were kids; and even better for your kids because they’ll be occupied throughout the entire event. Bonus!


You can buy your candy by color at any Party City, Candy Warehouse or Oriental Trading. There are other websites online that are lesser known but still legit. Sometimes though, you can save yourself the money and find bulk candy in certain stores for examples Wegmans. Buying containers for the candy can also be expensive so before you buy them online or at Party City check out the dollar store, Wegmans, Walmart or Target you may get a better deal. 

candy full

I love creating candy buffets for parties that I host. It’s so much fun and are usually a huge hit. Before I even plan a party I always tell myself I’m not going to bother with a candy buffet because they are a lot of work but in the end I simply cannot resist. 


The first time I did a buffet I had no idea what I was doing. I bought way too much candy and not enough jars. I didn’t know which candy I was putting in which container. It was a trial and error situation and many, many, many runs to Party City at the last minute but in the end it was a huge success. So you just got to try it and see what works and what doesn’t work. 

first time

If you’re not sure how to set up your candy buffet don’t worry. Simply go to Pinterest or Google and type in what your looking for. There are thousands of ideas, colors and themes that you can look at. Some will even match your own and be exactly what your looking for.


Helpful Tips~

  • Pick a theme and color to coordinate with one another.
  • Decide where you are going to start looking for candy and what type of candy you want. 
  • Don’t forget to check out Google and Pinterest for ideas. 
  • Use decorations on the tables, jars, and utensils. Give your candy buffet volume.
  • Use taller jars in the back and smaller ones in the front. Use different sizes and types of containers. 
  • Have plenty of take-home bags that are large enough and have ties.
  • Use signs for your candy, even if it’s obvious what the candy is. Get creative, make your labels match your theme. 

    • Shark Bait~Swedish Fish (Under the Sea)
    • Spider Legs~Black Licorice (Halloween Party)
    • lollipop treeLollipop Tree~Lollipops (Always a great idea if your having Lollipops; very simple to make)
    • buried treasure1Sunken Treasure~Ring Pops, Candy Necklaces, Chocolate Coins (Under The Sea/Nautical)

More photos of my candy table


Other Candy Buffet’s I’ve seen at the banquet hall I work at. Some are big, some are small. 

Some add cupcakes and cookies and some just have it all. 

Be creative and use your imagination to design the perfect candy buffet for your event!