DIY Raised Garden Bed~Critters

DIY Raised Garden Bed~Critters

Ah’ the struggles when you build your garden bed, put in all the time, money and effort only to have your plants eaten the very next day by those pesky ground hogs. Cute but they are thiefs and they will wipe you out quickly. My ground hogs are big boys I see them often and they can sure pack it away. However they are picky eaters. They didn’t eat my peppers, basil or tomatoes though they did enjoy eating my cucumbers so much so that they pulled the plant right out of the ground. 

2016-06-09 15.24.10

So what do I do next…Simple…Build a fence and keep them out. 

What you’ll need~

  • T-Stakes
  • Wire Mesh
  • Aluminum Ties

All you have to do is pound the stakes into the ground around the garden bed; then wrap the wire around the stakes. Once that’s done, use the ties to prop it into place. 

Now, just buy your plants again. 






Room Set~Up

If your having a baby shower or function in a banquet hall you should make sure that you utilize the space in your room. You don’t want bare tables in your room. You also don’t want the room to be too over~cluttered with decor. Try to find some balance. 

Sign In Table~

This is the table your guests will see when they first arrive. It is closest to the door. On this table there should be some sort of guest book. I decided to do a message in a bottle; the notes are written to the baby; and also to the parents. I decorated the message in a bottle with sand, bath tub nautical toys; and a little poem that tells guests what to do. 

The pink bottle was purchased at Target in the dollar section. I also bought the tan tray and pink tin pails at Target.

The white boards were purchased at Walmart and I used stencils to write out the poem. I also bought the bath toys at Walmart they came in a bundle. 

The Sand was purchased at Party City. Instead of pouring it right into the tray and ruining the tray for future use with sand particles everywhere I purchased a pink bandanna with anchors on it and laid it out flat on the bottom surface of the tray to hold the sand. 

Also on this table, are photo frames of the mommy and daddy to be when they were babies and a poem in the middle called “Who will I be?” and a picture of the sonogram at the bottom. 

Front Table~

The front table is located by the windows~normally when I work showers this is where the guests place their presents but since we had only a few presents this became the table for the diaper cakes to be displayed and the nautical decorations. A few baby books, a few baby clothes that match the theme and a pink stuffed octopus. This is the table that overlooks the entire room.

Game Table~

This table is set up in the middle of the room where all the guests can interact. All your guests are able to see who is presenting the games and where the prizes are located and everyone can be involved instead of being too far away. You also want to decorate this table with a few decorations so it stands out instead of just a few pieces of paper on a table. 

Grand Prize Game Station~


Air Space~

Utilize air space; sometimes people make banners or put up streamers or balloons. I decided to put up a baby clothes line of a few cute outfits I had purchased. 

Cake Table~

A cake table is a no brainer~you should always have a dessert station and this table should be in the front of the room where it is accessible to everyone. Don’t shove it in the back, because you’ll completely forget about it. Since we only had a few gifts we used this table for gifts and cards. 

And then used a tier and platters for our cupcakes and pizzelles


I also decorated this table by purchasing letters at Target and painting them the colors that I used to decorate for the shower spelling out the baby’s name. 

The window sign was also purchased at Target. I painted it and used stencils to write out “It’s A Girl” and added anchors for the spaces. 

The pink and white basket was purchased at Target in the dollar section. 

Beverage Station~


Helpful Hint~

Ribbon and Tulle can be your best friend! 


DIY Raised Garden Bed Pt. III

Part III

Now that you’ve gotten you raised garden bed built and your soil turned over and your dirt and compost added it’s time for the fun part! 

Planting Your Vegetables~

If you haven’t gotten your vegetables yet then stop what your doing and jump into your car right now and get over to your local farmer’s market to pick out what you want!

There’s still plenty of time to choose a variety of vegetables or fruits. 

2016-06-07 15.10.11

For the Raised Garden Bed we’ve chosen~
Beefsteak Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes and Cucumbers

What You’ll Need~

  • 49144885Gardening Work Gloves
  • P00074_1Garden Kneeling Pad (Especially if you have bad knees)
  • 14767606Gardner’s Lifetime Trowel, Cultivator, and Transplanter
    • I purchased the Fiskars 3 piece Duraframe Garden Tool Set, for $12.00 at Target. 
    • If you don’t want the three piece set, they are sold individually but they are about the same price so you might as well get the better deal. 
    • The two sizes of the shovels are ideal and perfect for my vegetables. They seem to be pretty durable. I’m hoping they last. 
  • 50693787Threshold Garden Ankle Boots
    • I quickly realized that wearing my street sneakers or even my lawn mowing sneakers for working in my garden was going to be a big no-no. So I went to Walmart, Marshalls and Five Below looking for some sort of shoe. I saw clogs and crocks but I didn’t like either. The crocks I knew the dirt would fall into the shoe and the clogs I slipped out of too easily. So I went to Target and found a knee high boot that I considered buying; but in the next aisle I found the ankle boots which were perfect and luckily they had my size. They were purchased for $17.00; very comfortable. I worked in the garden for a couple hours and my feet never once ached. They got wet and water did not seep through. I am very pleased with that. Nothing worse when you buy boots or shoes and the water seeps through and you wind up walking around with wet socks…! So find gardening boots!

Depending on what vegetables you purchase you are going to follow the instructions for the plant. (Cucumbers needed to be on a mound whereas tomatoes did not) Make sure if you are planting cucumbers (Or Zucchini) you give yourself a good amount of space in between each plant. (As you can see in the photo below, the last two horizontal rows only have three plants; those are the cucumbers) 

2016-06-07 15.38.18


 Beefsteak tomatoes (first horizontal row)

2016-06-07 15.38.45

Cherry Tomatoes (second horizontal row)

2016-06-07 15.38.47

Cucumbers (last two horizontal rows) 

The basil has been put in two pots

The remainder of cucumbers and peppers will be put in barrels. 

2016-06-07 15.59.54


Happy Planting!!!





DIY Raised Garden Bed Pt. II

Part II

So now that you’ve got your raised garden bed built it’s time to get it in tip top shape for planting. 

Step I:

Turning Over the Soil~

  • Turning over the soil mixes the nutrients and makes the ground more suitable for planting.

Your going to need two things for this next step.

What You’ll Need:

  1. A Shovel
  2. A Guy~To all the ladies–I don’t doubt your strength but in this blistering heat pounding down on your back and the amount of strength it takes to do this part, a guy would be helpful. As a female myself, I recruited my dad again for help. Though if you can do it on your own then more power to you! Rock on!

How To:

  1. Start at one corner of the garden bed and use your shovel to dig into the ground. 
  2. Lift up the grass and flip it over so that the soil is facing upward. 
  3. Step to the side and repeat the process until you have down the hole garden.
  4. Periodically use the shovel the break the large soil clumps apart. 

Step II:

Adding Dirt~

We got out planting mix from a friend of ours who charged $25.00 for all of it. In the store it would have cost about $150 plus. So it was a good deal. 

What You’ll Need:

  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • A gardening rake
  • Your guy partner

Our garden bed is located in the back yard behind our pool. Our yard has two houses on the property so it was impossible to back the truck right up next to the garden, swiveling between the house and the pool would not have worked. So my dad used the shovel and wheelbarrow to create loads to bring over to the garden. It was approximately 10-12 hauls. 

How To:

  1. Shovel dirt into the wheelbarrow and dump into garden bed. 
  2. Use your gardening rake to even out the soil, raking it toward the center of the bed.
  3. Repeat steps until you have used all the dirt. 

Step III

Add Compost~

We got our Compost from the Farmer’s Market in our area. Four bags for $20.00 and it was a perfect amount to fill the bed. 

What You’ll Need:

  • Gardening Rake
  • Don’t forget your Guy Partner

How To:

  • Rip open the bag and pour the contents onto your garden bed. 
  • Use your gardening rake to rake it all out evenly. 

It’s that simple. 


DIY Raised Garden Bed Pt. I

I am so excited to live in a new home with a huge yard with so much potential.

Growing up I lived in a neighborhood where my neighbors had a beautiful garden. I remember jumping on my trampoline and each time I flew into the air my eyes would peek over my shed and there I could see the massive sunflowers shooting out of the ground. Like a yellow sun exploding from each petal. The sound of music dancing in the wind, and cool water spraying onto the garden bringing it all to life. A magical little world where nothing but dirt on the ground turned into a color splash of wonder and imagination. Our neighbor would often bring over a basket of tomatoes so sweet, juicy, mouth-watering; a burst of flavor in every bite. I would crave them with mozzarella cheese or on a perfectly mom made turkey sandwich. I always looked forward to the fall because I knew I could count on the perfectly round orange pumpkin left on my door step with a little note attached *Happy Halloween*. I loved my neighbors garden and I always wanted one of my own.

Now that I have the yard to do it, I intend on bringing back those memories from my childhood that always made me smile. 

So how to build a Raised Garden Bed???

Part I

You could easily buy a kit for approx $100.00…or…you could DIY.

I know sometimes building something yourself can seem pretty intimidating especially when you have little experience. To me, it seemed like a big job but I did research first. I took to my Pinterest board to figure out exactly what I wanted…and what kind of bed I wanted to make; and then I started watching DIY videos on youtube…Of course everyone has their own method of what works best…But I did find one that explained it in very simple steps. The last thing I did before I started was to recruit my dad into helping with the project. 

I know there are probably cheaper ways to make these but I wanted to be sure that I had good lumber that would last for more than one summer. I only have the one raised bed for right now but I might make another. 

After buying all the supplies the total came to $50.00. It sounds like a lot but like I said…I wanted the wood to last. 

Supplies Needed: 

  • 02x8x10 Untreated Wood (2)
  • 002x8x8 Untreated Wood (2)
  • 0002×4 Scrap Wood (Cut into 4 pieces~to the width of the board)
  • 2016-06-05 19.31.10Exterior/Outdoor Grip Rite Screws~ Approximately 20 screws 
    • 2016-06-05 19.31.35Make sure the screws are 2.5″ or longer so that the screw reaches through the board. 
  • 2016-06-05 19.29.59Cordless Drill
  • 2016-06-05 19.30.15Electric Saw

I’m actually really glad my dad helped with this project because I’m pretty sure I would have never been able to work the electric saw or cordless drill on my own. I had read that Lowes would cut your wood for you, but when I was at the store I hadn’t decided whether or not I would want any of my wood cut expect for the 2x4s. And I only ended up cutting the 2x4s.

**Helpful Tips**


  • This is really important not to skip because if you don’t pre~drill your holes then you will have a lot of cracks and splinters in the wood. The advantage to pre~drilling the holes is that the screw will go in easier and like I said the screws won’t crack or split your wood. I had heard that pre~drilling holes took a lot longer because you had to keep changing out the drill bits but dad was an expert and it didn’t take him long at all. 

Cutting the 2×4:

2016-06-05 19.29.21Raised Bed1

  • Make sure you measure the 2×4 so that it matches the width of the board. You will need to cut 4 pieces. The 2x4s are going to give your garden a little extra support. 

Square Corners:

2016-06-05 19.33.18Raised Bed6

  • Line up the boards so that the 2x4s are on the inside of your garden bed. 
  • Line up the corners on your boards, you want to try and get a 90 degree angle on each corner. Start with one and work your way around the box. What you want to do is drill the two pieces of wood together. When you’re drilling the wood you always want to go in the middle to avoid hitting the other screws. 

Helpful Hint: 

  • You may want to avoid doing this project on your grass if you are doing it on your own or if this is your first time doing this sort of project. Try doing it in your driveway or on some sort of level surface. 

2016-06-05 19.33.24

This is an easy and inexpensive DIY project…And it’s only step one! 

The next step involves using my imagination to make a magic square come to life. To create bursts of color. To make the sound of music dance. To hear the soothing sounds of moving water. To create life in every corner. Tomatoes so sweet and juicy, a burst of flavor in each bite. Sunflowers, like a yellow sun exploding from each petal, and a perfectly round orange pumpkin to leave on a neighbors door with a little message reading *Happy Halloween* 


DIY Coastal Checkers

So I saw an idea on Pinterest of a Beach Themed Checkers Board. It was available on a website for $115. I obviously wasn’t going to spend that kind of money even though I already knew theirs was a lot better than mine would turn out, as I’m not very familiar with using paint brushes. However I was still going to make my own board. Whether we play the game or not, it’s still a perfect decoration for my new house. 
First things first, you’re going to need a Checkers board. You can get them at any Walmart, Target or Toys R Us, but you”ll end up paying at least $20.00. I checked out Five and Below and I found one for $5.00 but I thought surely I could find one cheaper. The Thrift Shop…Bingo. I had my board for .99 cents. A Family Classics Checkers Board. 


I then went to Walmart and bought Waverly Inspirations Acrylic Paint; I bought White and Pool. I had never heard anything about Chalk Paint, but I figured I would try it anyways and I’m glad I did because not only did it come out great but it dries so quickly that putting on a second coat didn’t take hours. 
Next, I painted the board. It didn’t take too long to paint. Like I said the Chalk Paint worked really well.
2016-04-20 01.15.08
 I’m not quite finished with the board. I am going to use a thinner paint brush to clean up the squares tomorrow.
I used a thick foam paint brush originally.
Then I added the shells, which were originally white; again I just used the Pool Chalk paint. I haven’t decided yet if for the opposite shells (white) I’m going to keep or if I am going to either use star fish or a different shell. I will update once the board it 100% complete. 

2016-04-20 01.32.43

So before you spend $115.00 on a Beach Themed Checkers Board. You can make your own for approximately $10.00