DIY Fire Pit


When we moved into our new house we had a perfect spot for a bonfire. I had seen patio fire pits already put together in steel bowls that could be moved around the yard and I had seen a few fire pits that were available in kits that you could put together. All of the above were pretty expensive. I saw a video on Youtube of a DIY fire pit for just under $100.00 and that seemed pretty reasonable to me. 

This may look like a difficult project but it’s extremely easy. Once you have all the right materials, and about an hour of your time. You’ll soon have a fire pit where family and friends can gather round and enjoy a night toasting marshmallows and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. 

What Your Gonna Need:

  • 36 Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks
    • I got the blocks on sale at Lowes, 5 for $10.00. The sales person was extremely helpful. Not only did he help me find what I was looking for, he loaded up my cart, pushed it to the front (boy, did it look heavy) and then he loaded up my truck for me. I didn’t even catch his name, but I am grateful for his help. 
  • Weber Plated Steel Hinged Cooking Grate (21.5″)
    • I ended up purchasing this at Target. The original one I purchased at Lowes ended up being too small. So instead of going back, I went to Target instead and found the right size. 
  • 3 Bricks
    • I actually had the bricks at home already but they were available at Lowes as well. 
  • 3 Pieces of rebar (2 feet) 
    • Available at Lowes
  • 4 Hose Clamps
    • Available at Lowes
  • Pea Pebbles
    • Purchased at Home Depot. 

Step I:

  • Find the spot in your yard that you going to be building on. Make absolutely sure there is going to be the spot you want to build because once you have the bricks in place it’s going to be a pain to move.
    • We have a raised octagon concrete slab in our yard so this is where my fire pit will be. 

Step II:

  • Position your cooking grate in the middle of the concrete slab to use as a base for placing your blocks. 

Step III: (Helpful Hint: I would use gloves while working with the blocks, it helps tremendously. I initially started without gloves and then ended up putting them on)

  • Begin your first layer, you will position nine blocks around the grate, spacing them out evenly; and making sure that you have space for airflow as you layer the blocks. So after the first layer, start the second layer; again nine blocks. 2016-06-23 17.37.22
    Then the third layer, again nine blocks and finally the last layer, nine blocks. You should have four layers of blocks spaced evenly with airflow. 
    All 36 bricks should have been used. 

Step IV:

  • Remove the Weber grill grate from the middle of the pit and place the three bricks in the bottom of the pit in a triangular shape. (One on the top in a vertical position and two on the bottom in diagonal positions)

Step V:

  • Pour the bag of pea pebbles over the bricks; this is going to ensure that the concrete doesn’t literally explode from underneath. 

Step VI:

  • The rebar is going to be used to hold the Weber grill grate into place. You can use hose clamps to attach the rebar to the grate. 

Step VII:

  • Finally you’ll place the grill grate on top of the pea pebbles. (Not shown in the picture)

2016-06-23 17.46.57

Now that you’re finished~add your finishing touches, some comfortable Adirondack chairs, cozy blankets, good music, cold beer, funny stories, ooey-gooey chocolaty S’mores, family and friends, and a lot of bug spray. 

Monday Funday, my backyard~All Summer Long!