Baby Shower Games

Since there were really no gifts at this shower I wanted to do some games to keep the guests interacting and away from dying of boredom. I know everyone cringes at the sound of Baby Shower Games but you have to do something to keep your guests busy.

Game 1:

Baby Word Scramble & Baby Word Search

A classic game that makes your guests think.
Just when they think they’ve got it

They realize it’s not that easy.

This is a great game because every woman thinks out loud as they try to figure these out. You should give a time limit, you’ll have a lot of guests, even the Mommy to Be that will suggest like five minutes plus. That’s too long. We did about 2 minutes. The Mommy to Be is an English Teacher. She was technically the winner but we gave it to 2nd place winner instead. The winner got a gift basket!

Game 2: 

Nursery Rhyme Riddles 

Can you remember what Tommy Tucker sang for? Or Who were the three men in the tub?

Can you recall your childhood memories of the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. In this game, that’s exactly what you have to do. 

The object of the game is to finish sixteen Nursery Rhyme questions in under three minutes. The guest with the most correct answers wins.


Make sure to watch for guests that pull out their smart phones to try and take a peek.

For our shower, we had a tie and gave away two gift baskets, as the great grandmother and great-great aunt to be had gotten all sixteen correct and finished far quicker then the other guests.

Game 3: 

Tummy Measure Game

Guessing the waist size of the Mommy to Be is all in good fun. 

Each guest cuts a strip of Tummy Tape for an estimated guess. The Mommy to Be is measured, and the guest with the closest length of tape wins.


Prize: Gift Basket

Game 4:

A lot of websites I looked at said NOT to do the Guess the Sweet Mess Game. But it was the first game that an older woman suggested for me to do when I was looking for a last minute shower game. I asked her if she really thought older women would be interested in doing it. She told me, absolutely. It’s hilarious and fun!. She was right. Everyone participated. The older crowd, the younger kids, the Mommy to Be. It was a blast. But the candies were difficult. I figured if they were all candies that people eat often everyone would guess and we would have a ton of tie breakers.

 Guess the Sweet Mess

What You’ll Need:

  • 7 Diapers
  • A sharpie marker to label the diapers
  • Wipes (In case people touch)
  • 7 Candy Bars
  • An answer Key

Lay the diapers out on a table and put a melted candy bar in each diaper. Then allow the guests to come up and try and guess which candy bar is in each diaper by jotting their answers down on a piece of paper.





It’s fun, challenging, and full of laughter!

The winner received a $10 Subway Gift Card and King Size Candy Bars of the Candy that was used in the game. 

Grand Prize Game: 

Guess How Many Fish in the Sea
Or in the Bottle

I purchased the bottle from Party City and I’ve had the trunk for a long time but it was purchased at the Christmas Tree Shop. Then the Fishing Pole and Magnetic Fish came from Walmart. I printed the poem from something similar I saw on Pinterest and then cut out thirty fish individually after printing it on colored paper.


Each guest  had to guess how many Swedish Fish they thought were in the bottle. Our winner was only two fish off. Awesome Guess…

So how about you? 
How many fish do you see?

2016-01-08 01.31.27


The bagged prizes were for the games


And the canned prizes were for everyone. That way each guest left with a little something extra. 

Each favor had a tag with a number inside.

Throughout the shower it was simple. There were six people at a table and five tables. I just shouted out a number. Example # 2.
So at each table there would be a guest that would come up and they could pick an item from the can. The cans were filled with mascara and lip gloss, nail polish, headbands, eye shadow and make up brushes. Then for the kids I just got sticker books, puzzles, and stick on tattoos.