I saw this idea on Pinterest and it reminded me of something straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. It’s a great addition to my yard adding height and visual fun to my house. I love the outcome. I might just make another. It was so cheap, and took about ten minutes of my time. See below for~


What You’ll Need~

  • Spray Paint Accessories
    • Drop Cloth~I already had the drop cloth, but it’s available pretty much anywhere. I got mine at Walmart for $3.99; and I just use it over and over again. (Always use the drop cloth when spray painting; avoid the mess) 
    • Mask~I already had the mask as well, I got at Walmart; they come in a large package for $1.00 (Also, always use the mask, or you’re going to get sick) 
    • Goggles~Again, I already had the goggles, but I got them at Walmart for $2.00
    • Spray Paint Spray Grip~I love using the Rust Oleum Spray grip, it’s cheap, and durable. I’ve had it, but I purchased it at Walmart for $2.00. It makes spray painting so much easier. 
    • Blue Spray Paint (See below for details) 

I absolutely love the Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch. It works so well and this is a great color (Satin Aqua). I’ve been using it on all my projects. I get it at Walmart for $3.00; the Primer is included. 

  • 8″ Pot (1) & 5″ Pot (1)
    2016-06-12 21.22.50
  • 6″ Pots (4)
    2016-06-12 21.22.442016-06-12 21.22.36
  • 4 Foot Rebar
  • Hammer
  • Bird Decor
    2016-06-12 21.23.39
  • Miracle Grow Garden Soil 
  • Flowers/Basil/Pepper Plant

Step I: 

  1. Spray paint your pots (See above for different sizes) 

2016-06-12 21.22.31

Make sure to spray paint the outside, let dry–and then paint the inside. Make sure both sides are dry before you begin the project. 

Step II: 

  1. Hammer your stake into the ground at least 2 feet. 
  2. Next, take 8″ pot and thread down the stake. 
  3. Fill with Garden Soil

Step III: 

  1. Next thread your first 6″ pot down the stake till it touches the Garden Soil and tilt to the right. 
  2. Fill with Garden Soil

2016-06-13 17.19.20

Step IV:

  1. Take your 2nd 6″ pot and thread down the stake, tilt to the left. 
  2. Fill with Garden Soil

2016-06-13 17.19.28

Step V: 

  1. Take your 3rd pot and thread down the stake, tilt to the right.
  2. Fill with Garden Soil. 

2016-06-13 17.19.37 - Copy

Step VI:

  • Take your final 6″ pot and thread down the stake, tilting to the left.
  • Fill with Garden Soil.

2016-06-13 17.19.37


Step VII:

So now you should have your 8″ pot at your base standing up straight and your four 6″ pots tilting on alternating sides (right & left). They should all be filled with potting soil. You have one pot left and this is the 5″ pot. 

  1. Thread the 5″ pot down the remainder of the stake, tilt to the right.
  2. Fill with Garden Soil. 

2016-06-13 17.20.26

Almost finished!

Step VIII:

  1. Add your plants to each pot. I chose Basil to put in each pot and Peppers in another pot. 

2016-06-13 17.25.20


  1. I’ll be adding flowers to the base pot
  2. The bird decal will be added to the top tier.
  3. Pound the remaining rebar into the ground so it does not show from the Garden Soil. 

Helpful Tips~

  • Start at the bottom and work your way up
  • Don’t wait till the end to add the Garden Soil…Thread the pot, then add the Garden soil for each one. 
  • Make sure the rebar stays centered and straight as you work your way to the top. 
  • Sizes will vary including the size of your rebar. It may not match mine. Do what works for you.