Handy House Hold Hacks

Handy House Hold Hacks

Moving into a new house I wanted to make sure that this house stayed neat, organized, and comfortable to be in as opposed to my previous home which was way too cluttered. Going on Pinterest I found tons of simple household hacks that would give me the organization I was looking for. 


  • First things first, there is nothing uglier in a kitchen then plastic bottles with dish soap or hand soap covered in goop and bubbles after so much use. 
    • Simple Hack: Trade them out for Olive Oil bottles

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  • Use damage free Command hanging hooks for extra storage.
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Wine Tasting & Cork Collecting (For future project)


  • Speaking of Olive Oil bottles they are perfect for mouth wash as well. 
  • Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
  • Rubbermaid Cultery Tray for toothbrushes and toothpastes, place in a cabinet out of sight.

Always check out your local Goodwill stores you never know what you will find. For example, I found a blue lobster trap wooden box with a starfish embellishment which was absolutely perfect for what I was looking for and matched the color and theme for my new house. I saw these on Etsy for $50.00~$100.00. I found mine at the Goodwill for 99 cents. Awesome deal!



  • If you have the space use glass jar for soap storage.
  • Use decor to coordinate with the theme of your bathroom.

Laundry Room~

  • Use metal pail for loose change
  • Glass cylinder vase for dryer sheets
  • Clear plastic candy jar for detergent pods