If you’ve never heard of Pizzelle’s you are missing out. They are a traditional Italian waffle pressed cookie made from flour, eggs, sugar, butter and anise flavoring or vanilla. Before you go out and buy a bunch from your local grocery store…STOP! They are so much better homemade and if you can’t get them homemade then I would suggest a local Italian Import Market. There’s nothing better than the real thing. There are a lot of possibilities with Pizzelle’s, my favorite Pizzelle is with cannoli dip on holidays. Yummy

Whenever I think of Pizzelle’s I always think of my Nonna. She is 100% Italian and she has making these cookies every year for every holiday, event, get together, Sunday night dinner for as long as I can remember and at 87 years old she still makes them for every member of the family. She even made a whole bunch for every guest at my sister’s wedding, put them in a huge container and drove them down to Florida. Talk about dedication! She has her own Pizzelle iron and bustles around in her kitchen in the early morning hours making these delicious cookies that everyone adores. What’s not to love about this cookie? You don’t need any other dessert when you have fresh homemade Pizzelle’s, it’s like a little piece of heaven in each bite. I’d love to have the recipe, but I know that I could never ever make them like her. No one could.


My Nonna knows I love Pizzelle’s in fact every time I come over to her house she makes sure to have them out on a platter on the table. It would be rare to go into her house and not find a large tin of Pizzelle’s waiting to be eaten by someone. My Nonna used to cook and bake and make mountain loads of Italian cookies when we were younger…But as she gets older there is less of that, and that’s completely understandable. One thing you can always count on no matter how many years go by is to always have a pizzelle from Nonna.

When my sister had her Bridal Shower my Nonna made a variety of Pizzelle’s as you can see here she mixed in the chocolate and the vanilla. There are so many varieties with these cookies. You can top it with chocolate and sprinkles or crumbled candies. You can bend them over into cannoli shells and fill them with cream or mousse or do the same thing by leaving them flat. You can do Pizzelle S’mores, or stuff them with ice cream or fruit. The possibilities are endless. 


So obviously when it came time for the baby shower I didn’t even have to ask. I knew I could depend on Nonna to make her famous Pizzelle’s and they were a hit!


So if your craving a sweet, go and get yourself a Pizzelle! You wont be sorry.