Sweet Pink Lemonade

Sweet Pink Lemonade

Borio’s offered a Soft Beverage package which includes Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Sprite, Cranberry & Orange juice as well as Iced tea and Lemonade. We also added on Mimosas and Non Alcoholic Bloody Mary’s. I opted out of the Iced Tea & Lemonade when I saw a super cute idea on Pinterest and decided to put it together at the last minute. 

What could be more fitting for a baby girl shower than Sweet Pink Lemonade?


Materials Needed:

~~Glass Jug
~~Ribbon & Tulle
~~Anchor Glass (Purchased at Target)

~~Sailboat (Which I just painted pink, I purchased at Target and then just added pink tulle)

~~Stand–The stand I purchased at Target and it flips over for either a square drink container or a round drink container. It was $9.00…great deal!

~~Straws (Purchased at Target)
~~3 Bottles of Minute Maid Pink Lemonade (You can make it from scratch, but because we were having the shower at another location I figured bottles were easier to transport. If your having the shower at your home then make it from scratch. Either way result is pretty much the same) 



Delicious! Refreshing! Sweet!